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H.R.H. Prince Nicholas II


Grand Master of 

Order of Petrović Njegoš  - Established: 1896 by King Nikola I to commemorate the 200 years of rule of the Royal House of Petrović-Njegoš.
That same year of the foundation of the Order and Dynastic celebration, King Nicholas's fifth daughter, Princess Elena of Montenegro, married Crown Prince Victor Emmanuel di Savoia, heir to the Italian Throne.

The Order is given to members of the Dynasty and kinsmen exclusively and is not an Order that is generally given beyond that. The Order was not bestowed in 1996 while Montenegro remained a non-sovereign state.

In 2008, celebrating the passage of 300 years since the first Petrović Njegoš rulers ascent, the Crown Prince of Montenegro bestowed the Order in recognition of this landmark.

The upper arm of the cross bears the Cyrillic initial "D" that stands for Danilo I - the first Petrović Njegoš Hereditary Bishop - and the lower one "N" for Nicholas I. The remaining two arms of the cross indicate the date of the first rule by the dynasty and of the foundation of the Order.

The Order of Petrović Njegošis a House Order of the Royal House of Montenegro.
The Order consists of a single class, and is normally reserved for members of the Royal Family and their kinsmen.



Order of Saint Peter - Established: 1869 by King Nikola I 
The first dynastic Order was introduced by H.M. King Nikola I Petrovic in 1869. This was the Order of Saint Peter. It is sometimes said that this order was actually introduced much earlier by Vladica Peter II Petrovic-Njegoš. The Order is bestowed upon prominent members of the Petrovic-Njegoš family, as well as to prominent foreign citizens, and is currently held by all four Princes and Princesses of the Royal House. The name of Prince Danilo, the first Montenegrin ruler with a purely secular title, is inscribed on the Decoration. The Order was named after the Patron Saint of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church, Vladika Peter I Petrovic, the person who effectively obtained independence for Montenegro, and to whom is attributed the creation of the modern Montengrin State.

The Order of Saint Peter is the House Order of the Royal House of Montenegro and the present Grand Master is H.R.H. Crown Prince Nikola of Montenegro and the Grand Chancellor is John Gvozdenović Kennedy.

The Order consists of a single class, and is normally reserved for members of the Royal Family and their kinsmen and in exceptional circumstances prominent foreign citizens.



Order of Prince Danilo I - Established: 1853 by Prince Danilo Petrović Njegoš, is an order of the Principality, and later Kingdom, of Montenegro. It is currently granted by the Head of the Royal House of Montenegro, HRH Crown Prince Nicholas of Montenegro.

The Order was the first Montenegrin dynastic and state Order established by Prince Danilo Petrović Njegoš in 1853, as the Order of Danilo I for the Independence of Montenegro in 1852-53. This Decoration is still awarded to prominent champions of the preservation of Montenegrin independence and the conditions by which the Order is awarded were defined by Statute.

Alterations were made to the appearance of the original decoration created by Prince Danilo and during the rule of His Majesty King Nikola I Petrović Njegoš the Order underwent two restructures. During the first restructure in 1861, three classes were introduced, while in the second restructure, from 1873, an additional class was added, so that not only is there a star in the 1st class but also a 2nd class with star was introduced.

On Saturday June 4, 2005, Cetinje, the old Royal Capital of Montenegro, hosted the first gala ceremony of the Order in the country since 90 years