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H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander
Александар Карађорђевић


Grand Master of 

Order of The Yugoslav Crown - Established:  5 April 1930 by King Alexander I, to commemorate his changing of the name of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He ascended the Throne in 1921. During a political crisis in 1929 the strong separatist movements within the country forced the King to temporarily suspend the Constitution to declare a dictatorship and to place greater emphasis on national unity, which resulted in the name of the country to Yugoslavia.



Order of St Sava - Established:   1883 by King Milan I.  The Order of St. Sava originally was established to recognize civilians for meritorious achievements in the arts and sciences. In 1914 a change was made permitting military personnel to receive the honor for military merit.

There is also a fraternal organization with a similar name, the Loyal Order of St. Sava, organized for social interactions among Serbian American residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Still another Order of St.Sava is conferred by the Orthodox Church of Serbia.